Re-reading the Manual of Travelling Exhibitions, UNESCO, 1953

Spatial Installation

published by Spector Books

Andreas Müller
Aaron Werbick
Lydia Kähny
Lena Thomaka
Johannes Hucht
Tina Köhler
Jochen Eisenbrand
Martin Beck
Clémentine Deliss
Jan Wenzel
et al.


In the beginning of the book project about the Manual, we held a symposium and invited Yvette Mutumba, Jochen Eisenbrandt, Jan Wenzel, and Nader Vossoughian to speak about their work in relation to the Manual. The surrounding exhibition was designed by Lydia Kähny and myself. We wanted to cast a sensitized glance at the Manual and its suggestions for modern exhibition design. From a system of aluminum pipes and connectors, we constructed several detached forms. Text and picture material of the book itself was printed on paper roll to hang it onto the constructions. For example, a drawing showing a way to hang a tapestry was printed on a paper roll in the size of a real tapestry. With this method of enhancement, we wanted to make illustrations and approaches of the book visible and give visitors an insight into the design language and ideological position the book represents.