M A X I M W E I R I C H ­. I N F O

As an exhibition maker and artistic researcher, Maxim Weirich develops formats to scrutinize collections of research material in a transdisciplinary manner. Archival research and transcripts based on encounters with experts or contemporary witnesses are gathered as source material which is later on used for collaborative works with artists, graphic designers, or historians. Such applied processes allow an extended reflection and involvement with the source material. By developing participatory formats like workshops, exhibitions, talks, or conducting found schematics of artists such polyphonic examinations can open up the ideas and visual concepts that had been neglected in archival cabinets for decades.

C U R R E N T  W O R K

Maxim graduated from the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe in 2019. He is based in Berlin and currently works as a designer and co-curator of the exhibition project Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of the Signs. From November 2020 on, he will be a fellow of the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, NL.